What You Need To Send Your Photographer Before the Wedding

There are four things I need to get from you before the wedding. Two are absolutely necessary, and the others are dependent on you, but all four need to be written and sent to me before the wedding so I have time to prepare with them.

  1. Timeline of the Wedding Day I need this at least a week before the wedding to make sure I have enough time to cover everything and double check for conflicts. I then use the timeline on the day to make sure we’re staying on time. Most coordinators will lead timeline creation (they can be total works of art), but if you are DIYing then the end of this magazine has an “all you need to know” guide when it comes to photos.
  2. List of Formal Family Groupings I like to have this a week before the wedding so you have the time to make sure everyone you want is included. Most parents like to have a say in these photos, so make sure you have enough time to check it with them.
  3. Vendor List (optional) I ask for other vendor info in a pre-wedding questionnaire. I reach out to them before the wedding to see if I need to make any allowances for their work and timing. (And to introduce myself so we’re all on the same team on the day – YOURS!)
  4. Important Shot List (Optional) This isn’t the generic shot lists that wedding mags give you, but a list of any specific photos you want that will be sentimental for you. Is there a family member you want lots of photos of? Is there an image you have in your mind that you want me to create? Let me know well in advance to the day so I’m prepared and know to make those people and photos a priority.