Tim and Laura | Backyard Washington Wedding

Laura’s wedding was the main reason I came back to visit California this summer. (Aside from Devin, of course!!) The maid of honor reminded me that in our sophomore year, the two of us had strung all of Laura’s clothes across the main campus driveway in the middle of the night. It was retaliation for a prank that Laura had played, but I sure am glad she eventually started talking to us again. She became an honorary member of our dorm hallway and has been a faithful friend for the last nine years.

When Laura first told me about Tim, I was a little bit nervous… the relationship had progressed so fast and he sounded too good to be true. I was excited for her – but a part of me wondered how long this smooth talking man from across the country would be able to hold his perfect facade. I should have know better – Laura has learned to ask the hard questions wasn’t going to be played. I Skyped with them both a few days after their engagement (yay talking about love stories) and was quickly convinced that this Tim guy was as caring and respectful as she claimed.

Fast forward to August, and Devin and I are driving through Oregon and up to Tri-cities Washington to be a part of the wedding celebration. I’ve been photographing Laura for the last nine years, so it was a quick “HECK YES” when she asked if I would do the honors at her intimate backyard wedding. Wildfires filled the air with intense haze that created a romantic light I’d never photographed in before – but I love the unique look it gave these images. It’s an atmosphere I could never recreate on my own – as unique as Laura herself! 🙂 <3