The Harrison Family | An Afternoon at Home

Everyday we love the ones around us in small ways, in our homes, without makeup or fancy clothes. We choose to love at a cost to ourselves over and over and over again… and that’s what family is really about. So when I get to photograph a family in that house they call home, I know those images will hold all sorts of extra emotions.

The Harrisons had a recent addition to their family about the same time they moved in to a new home. When they planned updated family photos, they knew they wanted something at home to capture their current stage of life. You can see why! Even with less than an hour together, we had a full range of emotions come out… along with lots of snuggling on the couch and playing together. As a photographer, I cannot recommend these in home sessions enough. They do take a little more time, but there’s something extra special about photos in your family home doing the things you love as together.