The Day We Got Married – Part Two | First Look + Ceremony

After lunch, us girls finished getting ready and bundled into cars for a quick ride over to Riverpointe Park in Waterford. My family’s home is in the adjoining development, and over the years I have spent countless hours on this bridal path and further down in the river. (I’ve also photographed a bunch of people here – it’s a pretty little spot for the area) The boys had already arrived, looking super spiffy in their suspenders and bowties! This is totally Devin’s go-to when we have to go anywhere and it was fun to see his friends rocking the same look.

Muffie Farinha and Shirley Griggs were in charge of flowers for the day and not only did they make the most amazing bouquets, but they also made little thistle boutonnieres for the guys. Little known fact – I was OBSESSED with Eeyore in High School and getting thistles (Eeyore’s fave) into the wedding was a major win!! 17 year old Beckie would be proud!

We did a cute little ‘First Look’ where Dev and I got a couple moments to ourselves (and three photographers) to talk about the day and have a quick prayer together. It’s a miracle that we were even getting married (let alone still friends) after a rough few years. We know that the strong relationship we have now is not something we could have managed to build on our own and we’re quick to be grateful for God’s grace and love that brought us together. Pretty soon the girls joined us and Julie Hughes took Devin back to the guys to photograph them. The amazing Nauna shot some images of me alone, and then me with the besties. Didn’t I tell you this veil was amazing?? I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’m yet to see one with such bold trim, but I love it so much!!! Such a perfect addition to the whole thing.Thanks again for the flowers Muffie and Shirley – these give me all the heart eyes!! I love these women so much – there are really no words to fully express how much I owe to these five. Funnily enough, they also each represent a really major part of my life – Church, high school, family, career, and college!! (In that order) Mindy Lahiri says that ‘Best Friend’ is a tier, not a person, and I would have to agree. These five are so different in personalities, but they have all been faithful friends who add to me as a person in different ways and make me more complete.

Natalie •  Alie •  Nicki • Beckie • Holly • Liz

I’m totally biased, but I think this man is so handsome! 

Stephen •  Reuben •  Devin • Tyler • Tim • Trent

Bitsy, my makeup artist, followed us around all day to make sure my makeup was fresh and wasn’t being rubbed off with the excessive amounts of hugs!! Rosie was a bit overwhelmed when we took group photos, but Bitsy was on it and let her rummage through her bag of touch up makeup to keep her happy and occupied. (Told you she was the best!) Rosie was in heaven – she is all about the girly stuff! Devin and I were so glad that his mom (MiRanda) could be there with us! There’s such a special bond between single mother and only son – they love each other so much! She flew up a few days before the wedding and was able to join us on our trip to Yosemite. Now I have a Mom and a Mum. 🙂 🙂 Before we get to the ceremony, I have to take a second to tell you about Kayla and her mom Debbie. Where do I even start?? Kayla and I lived together in the House at 267 for about a year. We got close over that time, and she was one of the main reasons I stayed sane in 2016. When Devin proposed in July, Kayla told me that she would be coming to the wedding in California… to be honest, I know how things go in life and I was glad for her support but didn’t really think it would happen. She’s a woman of her word though, and she and her mom flew over (via LA and NYC) to celebrate with us. Not only were they there to celebrate, both of them dove headfirst into the last minute jobs that needed to be done. Kayla was an unofficial bridesmaid and took initiative in finding things she could help with. Debbie was the same – helping my mom in all sorts of ways and bringing a little bit more New Zealand to the week! I should’ve known – Kayla is a true friend and having her meet my other friends and family (which she had heard so much about) was a total highlight!  My Mum didn’t want to walk me down the aisle initially – she’s much more traditional than that – but it was very important for me to have both my parents stand by me as we came to the ceremony. I have my Dad’s personality and I easily fall into the roles he is strong in, but it’s my Mum who has taught me over the years and instilled good traits in me that aren’t my natural inclination. Her wins were hard fought. I am so thankful she has always been open with her ‘why’ and expected logic, good grammar, methodical thinking, order, etc from a child who pushed back against them constantly. I am a better person because of her and I wanted to honor that in front of so many people we know. (I would not be an ENFP without her influence. Nature AND nurture! haha)

We walked down the aisle to the theme song from Forrest Gump – it’s such a beautiful song and it always brings a tear to my eye.

We had a very very simple ceremony – something we had agreed on early on. Besides a ‘quick’ word from my Dad (who married us), we only had our personal vows, rings, and a kiss. It was so hot that I’m glad we didn’t do anything more, haha. I’ve always loved when couples wrote their own vows and made them a surprise on the day – it seems so genuine to me and I can’t imagine us doing it any other way.
After the I Do’s, we danced back down the aisle to “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne – the best recessional song!! (press play to listen)

After the ceremony, we took family photos and some simple portraits in the alley – we were on cloud nine for the rest of the night!

Reception Venue: Hickman Community Church
Photography: Nauna Photography + Julie Hughes Photography
Videographer: Resistance Videography
Bride’s Dress: Mira’s Bridal
Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Jewelry: Kendra Scott
Flowers: Muffie Farinha + Shirley Griggs
Makeup: Bitsy B Beauty  +  Marie Rojo
Hair: Rebecca Carnes
Luncheon Catering: Panera Bread
Reception Catering: Cassie Shepherd
Photobooth: Creative Smiles Photo Booth
Cake: Serene Asire
DJ: Christian Herrera