Tarsh and Tom at Mt. Cook

Devin and I took a quick trip to New Zealand’s South Island before the summer rush of tourists. Everywhere you look, the landscape is stunning and wild with blue skies and clear blue bodies of water. We regretted not planning a longer visit, but were thankful we at least got to photograph this amazing couple while we there.

We started at the Hooker Valley trailway under the gaze of the Southern Alps and, most strikingly, Mt. Cook (Aoraki). The blazing sun lit up the mountains and gave us an incredibly blue sky with cotton puff clouds strong shadows.

Devin doesn’t always get to assist me on photoshoots, but I try for as many as I can get because he makes everything better. He takes B-Roll footage, holds my lighting, runs back to the car for things I’ve forgotten, etc… and his calm demeanor balances my adrenaline fueled babbling.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

-Lao Tzu

When the sun started to lower, we heading toward our second location further up the river. Moving out from the foothills of the mountain gave us a better vista with Mt. Cook prominently in the background. Tarsh and Tom changed clothes and we walked and talked along the river while the sun slipped further behind the mountains.

We raced the pinking sky to a third and final lookout spot to get something a little soft and cozier. The grassy knoll at Peter’s Lookout was perfect for snuggling up and watching the sunset.