Presenting Honk! Jr.

Last weekend, the Junior High at Big Valley Christian put on Honk! Jr. – an ugly duckling musical. The theater director at the school is my sister-in-law (the awesome Natalie Woodfield) and she is doing great things with their theater department… seriously, those kids are so lucky to have her as their director. My drama loving high-school aged self would have idolized Natalie if I had acted for her… let’s be honest, my drama loving adult self think’s she’s all that, haha.

When Natalie asked if I’d be interested in volunteering to help the department with photography, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes!! Spending an afternoon with these kids at dress rehearsal was really interesting – very different than the work I normally do at weddings or with portraits. The lighting was all taken care of, so the real skill was anticipating what came next and being in the right place to get the shot. I learned so much and came away so inspired by their enthusiasm (and I still have those tunes bouncing around in my head).

Here’s a few of the 800+ images I delivered from the show… I’m so energized looking at these again and I can’t wait till their next production!