It can be hard to get in front of a camera, so I'm all about a relaxed approach to portraits where we chat as we walk around, laugh together, and take the time to make sure you are comfortable. It's like we're just hanging out, but you get amazing images at the end of it all.


The Purpose of Portraits

Print them big, frame them, hang them on your wall, make albums, send them to your family, upload them to Instagram, add them to baby books and year books, keep them in your wallet and on the lock screen of your phone. Whatever you do, let your portraits bring smiles and daily remind you of the most important things in life.

Super Simple Booking Process.

Relaxed Session Environment.

guaranteed Smiles and Laughs.


I'll guide you with loose placement (for that magic light), and then talk and give prompts that will bring out the emotions you want to show. I'm a fan of being ridiculous or having you play games that make you laugh... but I'll also photograph your serious side, the part of you with hopes and dreams and so much life to look forward to.

If you have kids, we go at their pace - you have zero need to apologize for their lack of enthusiasm or their need to run away every other minute. I'll follow your two year old around, ask a million questions about paw patrol, and dance like jello to win their trust and get those genuine belly laughs. (The jello dance generally gets laughs from everyone)

The best photos happen when people, big and small, feel free to be themselves. At the end of the day, I'll worry about smiles and creativity, if you arrive prepared to have a good time.


At Woodfield Photography, I respect the choices you have made around privacy and the internet. Here, the default is to keep your images private unless permission is given by you in our contract. (I have a little checklist of possible sharing scenarios.)

I am always excited when I am allowed to share publicly because a.) I'm so proud of what I create with my clients, b.) Sharing current images is generally how new clients find me, and c.) I love telling the 'world' how awesome my clients are.

I am grateful for sharing, rather than expectant of it. Images we create are for you, and your privacy choices are more important than my excitement. 🙂

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Beckie has captured precious photos of my children for over 10 years! She is not only technically capable but has the creative "eye" that a lot of others lack. My family is so relaxed with her and their smiles are genuine! We will always be Woodfield Photography clients!

Tai Schell

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