Our Engagement Photos – Delona Photography at Yosemite Park

I’ve photographed my fair share of engagement photos over the last eight years.

“Kiss her cheek, now look into her eyes, hold your gaze, move in like you’re going to kiss each other then stop a couple of inches apart. Now bring your hand up to his shoulder. Good – perfect – you two look so in love. Oh you are? Great! Now let’s move over to the other side of the road with that gorgeous light…”

And so it goes. I’ve produced kiss after hug after dance after kiss for so many people. All while holding a camera between us and making sure I’ve captured the love that seems to flow in spite of the awkwardness of photography. It’s become natural for me over the years.

Do you know what isn’t natural? Being one of those couples being posed.

Holly, my BPF (Best Photo Friend) traveled up to Yosemite with me and Devin last Thursday to take some long awaited engagement photos. We’ve been planning them ever since I flew into California in February, but the crazy weather has made us reschedule several times. It was the best and worst of times. I was so uptight about the images that I may have made it slightly the worst of times. And I was hit in the head and Devin stepped on my foot and took off half a toenail.

All the negativity aside, I got to hang out with the man I love all afternoon, in a gorgeous national park, and have it photographed. How could anyone complain about THAT?? It was the best of times. For sure. 

I love this mustard skirt from Amazon – it was perfect for the valley floor and was so comfortable and twirly. It made me feel a little bit like a princess!! If you’re going to get photos taken of you, I highly suggest that you spend the time and money on great looking outfits and professional hair and makeup. After all, you’re spending a lot of money on these photos and you want to look and feel your best in them. (Or at least makeup – I just suck at doing my own hair)

Noel LaRosa made my hair pretty for the day, and I ended up getting my makeup done at the Ulta Salon in Turlock. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the makeup artist (Lacey) matched my vision – and she was super friendly to top it off. I would highly recommend both of these talented ladies to anyone in the Modesto/Turlock area looking for hair or makeup.

“Kiss me on the forehead now baby. You’re walking weird. We need to move more. Can we dance? Hold me tighter. DO YOU EVEN LOVE ME??” – actual conversation overheard by the squirrels hanging out nearby.

Isn’t this guy the most handsome man? I just love him to bits!! Can’t wait to marry him next month. 🙂

I spent weeks picking out outfits for this shoot – the one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a sweeping photo of Devin and I and Yosemite from Glacier Point – preferably with me wearing something romantic and dreamy. I ended up making this burgundy skirt from 40 yards of Tulle. (Sewing it onto another dress at 2:00am the night before) It was perfect for the occasion but we were bummed to find out that Glacier Point was closed because of the weather! So map in hand, we found another outlook that worked out for us anyway and will have to try the point another time.

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Photography: Holly at Delona Photography
Clothing: Amazon
Hair: Noel LaRosa
Makeup: Lacey at Ulta Beauty
Jewelry: Kendra Scott