How I Prep for Your Wedding- Nightmare and All.

I am not what you’d call a ‘routine’ person. (Probably should be, if you have any advice for that please let me know) I have that creative kind of mind that gets lost in work and emerges hours later having created something beautiful and forgotten to eat. My only exception is for weddings.

The routine starts with a nightmare the week of – I’ve forgotten my cameras or shown up to the ceremony without pants. That kind of thing. Of course those things have never happened to me, but my subconscious thinks your wedding is so important it works itself into a frenzy.

Closer to the day, I read back through all our chats and your questionnaire, then use my imagination to walk through your timeline. I charge my batteries, clear memory cards, and pack a plush giraffe in case the groomsmen need help looking at the camera. The timeline is printed, the bags are packed, and I set more alarms than you’d think necessary.

Without fail, I make a Starbucks run the morning of. A pink drink and bagel are my go to’s. I should have bought stock in that place with the amount of pink drinks I buy in a year. And then I arrive at your location up to an hour early. I have an irrational fear of being late, so I end up looking like a creeper just sitting in my car waiting for the hour to end.