Chris and Kammie in Maui

Chris, Kammie and I all went to school together at The Master’s College (now University). Chris and I worked with each other on school media events, but Kammie and I were on a name only basis. I knew she exsisted and lived in Hotchkiss and she knew I was her friend’s RA. I honestly thought I’d never see them again after we graduated.

But here’s the thing… we all graduated from college and the wedding seasons began!

I ended up photographing Chris and Kammie’s wedding as a favor to our friend Ryan (long story) and then went on to photograph Kammie as a bridesmaid in multiple weddings. I didn’t realize we had so many mutual close friends until they started to get married!

On our last day in Maui, we battled the sticky heat and Kammie’s shyness of cameras and went on a little photoshoot in Lahaina. For old times sake. Or something like that.

Till our next wedding together… cheers!

Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1272
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1273
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1274
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1275
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1276
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1277
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1278
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1279
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1280
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1281
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1282
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1283
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1284
Liz + Dan Rehersal Evening_1285