A Touch of Pink and Blue

I was watching Heidi prep this beautiful ombre-pink ceremony column. Skillfully weaving the baby’s breath together in it’s different shades of pink, she made it look effortless. I wasn’t fooled, of course. I’ve attempted enough flower arrangements in the past to know that plants are tricky. (Unlike people, you cannot trick them into changing their attitude with a well placed fart joke.) But all the same, I was mesmerized with her grace. In that moment I realized how lucky I am to have a job where I get to meet and work with talented makers like Heidi, Stephanie, Markelle, and Johanna. These women love their work and they love their clients – their passion for making beauty is contagious.

So there we were, at my house, on a dark and rainy morning. We were there to make something inspirational for you and to show off some of our skills. (So you know what we can do) All strangers, really, but it didn’t matter because we were necessary parts of a team set on highlighting beauty.

I am lucky.

I am grateful.

I am inspired to have a job that showcases the beauty that other people create.

I am thrilled that I get to share that here, with you, on my website.

Thank you for being here and looking through my images. I hope you find inspiration for you own wedding, or your job, or just life in general. I hope you see how amazing these women are (including our models who were so brave and full of life)